Dry Dental Vacuum (Suction)

Dry dental vacuum pump (TV-22)Dental suction systems are among the most important pieces of equipment found in todays’ dental practice and often considered the heart of every dental office. Whether you prefer traditional wet suction systems, or you’re considering going green with a modern dry suction system. Sierra has you covered with the TRU-VAC… Ultra-reliable dental suction, backed by the strongest warranty in the industry! (2" Vacuum Piping)

Quiet Dental Air Compressors

Air Compressors (EAGLE-T16)Dental air compressors are known as the lungs of a dental office and play a very important role in practicing the art of dentistry. Our EAGLE oil-less dental compressors provide clean dry air to each chair flawlessly, requiring less maintenance than traditional compressors. Now that’s peace of mind you can stand behind.

Wet Dental Suction

Wet Dental Vacuum (LRV-4)Dental wet vacuums (Suction) have earned a spot in many dental practices over the years. This is because of the reliablility and proven performance. Wet vacuums work better with smaller piping 1" or less.  Many offices have plumbing that is configured for a wet vacuum with smaller diameter pipe. Sierra Dental Equipment utilizes suction pumps and motors from Germany for all of our vacuum pumps. Backed by a 5-year warranty, this is your solution for suction. (1" Vacuum Piping)

Amalgam Separators

Chairside Amalgam Separators Our amalgam separation process is the easiest in the industry! We can confidently say that we will save you money on filter and labor costs throughout the maintenance and recycling process. We recommend changing out the filter annually. This product is ISO 11143:2008 Certified for 96% and 99% efficiency.

Become environmentally compliant today with our Chairside Amalgam Separator.


Replacement Air Compressor Heads

Universal replacement compressor heads. Made in the USA! These high-quality twin rocking piston pumps are extremely reliable and quiet enough for use in all dental practices. This is the standard for ALL Sierra-Eagle air compressors. The TMS-2775 is also a great option for many other brands and a direct replacement for the Midmark P21, P22 & P32

Replacement Vacuum Pumps

Universal replacement vacuum pump. All of our dry vacuums are designed with a Viton shaft seal and SKF Explorer bearings to ensure a long service-free life. With only one moving part, these machines are extremely reliable and quiet enough for use in all dental practices. This is the standard for ALL Sierra-TRU-VAC Dry Vacuum Systems. Part# SDP1.75

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What our clients say

“I was surprised by how much suction this LRV-4 vacuum pump produces. The power to weight ratio is astronomical! The tiny footprint is a huge plus and the filter is very easy to replace. Sierra makes the difference”

Dr. Bailey w/ Marion Dental Group Dentist

We have installed several Sierra Dental Vacuums and Compressors. Sierra Dental has great products and their team is skilled and knowledgeable. Our clients love the equipment’s quality and function. We love the ease of installation and the communication Sierra Dental gives its customers is superb.

On Site Rescue Dental Equipment Repair

My wife is a dentist in Framingham, Ma. I installed the Sierra TV-10 Dry vacuum myself. Everything worked flawlessly. Never had any problems. Mr. Chuck Bennett always takes the time to help with any questions. There is no reason to pay thousands of dollars for a Dry Vac System to the big dental companies.
Sierra Vacuum is just great.

Fernando Castro Dentist

Excellent tech support hooking up the TV-10 dry vacuum system and 90% savings in water usage.

Thomas Sedlak, PA Dentist

We are very happy with this unit! 2+ years.(TV-10)

Montana City Dental Dentist

Had system 10 years, very happy with the dry vacuum system and service.

Dr. Joseph Boulter Dentist

Absolutely love the TV-12 & TV-22 Tru-Vac Dry Dental Vacuums. Would recommend for every dental office! Easy Installation.

Tom Tarr Tarr's Dental (repair service)

I recently installed Sierra Dry Vac System in my office and I have nothing but praise for it. Smooth quiet operation that is giving me three times the suction power of my old system. I am truly impressed with the machine, the customer service, the owner Chuck, and the quick delivery. I installed it myself and it was straight forward and simple.

Mike Thomas DDS. Arlington Tx. Dentist


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Preventative Maintenance for your Sierra Dental Air Compressor

                AT SIERRA DENTAL, we do our best to provide quality equipment and exceptional customer service. However, there are times when our dental compressors require preventative maintenance in order for them to continue to operate at peak performance. Just like a car, lawnmower, or any other mechanical equipment, […]

Midmark P21 P22 P32 Direct Replacement Head for Dental Air Compressor

If you are looking for a replacement head for Midmark P21, P22, or P32 Dental air compressors, WE HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU! Midmark 002-1668-00 = Sierra TMS-2775-M (see below for photos of a Midmark P32 with a Sierra TMS-2775-M replacement head)            ⇒ Sierra Dental now offers a new option […]

Chair side Amalgam Separator by THE SIMPLE ONE (DD2011)

The Simple One filter is currently being used by The United States Navy and The United States Army and has been put on thousands of chairs in private dental offices & large clinics.   WHY USE THE SIMPLE ONE?? -Avoid costly repairs. -Installed chair-side, this amalgam separator is easy and hygienic to use. -Eliminates build-up […]

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