Midmark P21 P22 P32 Direct Replacement Head for Dental Air Compressor

If you are looking for a replacement head for Midmark P21, P22, or P32 Dental air compressors,


Midmark 002-1668-00 = Sierra TMS-2775-M

(see below for photos of a Midmark P32 with a Sierra TMS-2775-M replacement head)



  ⇒ Sierra Dental now offers a new option to save you time and money! We have direct replacement heads for the Midmark P21, P22, and P32 in stock! ⇐

Pricing: $1,630.00 + UPS shipping


The TMS-2775-M has a very easy installation process and is a direct swap for a Midmark 002-1668-00 compressor head.


 If you are a dentist and your Midmark 002-1668-00 heads are going bad or have recently failed, you do not have to replace your entire compressor! 
Now get the power you need at a fraction of the cost!  

Pricing: $1,630.00 + UPS shipping

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(P21 is 115 volts model)

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