Amalgam Separators

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Chair-side Amalgam Separators & Recycling Kits

Say hello to the simple solution for amalgam separation! Installation is a brief walk in the park. These units are self-contained, therefore, replacing them is simple and hygienic! Disposal is made just as easy by offering recycle kits that include return shipping labels. Our chair-side amalgam separator is by far, the easiest option for your dental practice to remain in compliance with EPA guidelines. 

Currently trusted for use by the United States Army, Navy, and Coast Guard. It’s also being used in several different colleges across our great nation, including the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry! So many dental professionals have already experienced the simplicity of these amalgam separators, now it’s your turn! Help us save the environment and your sanity, by making the switch to chair-side amalgam separators today! 

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