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Bio-Pure line cleaner & restore (BIOPURE)

Bio-Pure’s proprietary microbial formula is designed to restore vacuum line suction to full capacity and eliminate daily trap cleaning! It is capable of reversing years of build-up, in as little as 6 weeks! Because Bio-Pure has a neutral pH, this all natural line cleaner is safe for all pump equipment, including amalgam separators. 

The Bio-Pure line of non-foaming, chemical free line cleaner and restorer contain several different microbial species and enzymes to enhance product activity. The moment Bio-Pure is introduced into your operatory lines, those little microbes and enzymes immediately get to work breaking down all that suction robbing sludge that builds up in your vacuum lines! What’s more, they begin to reproduce, extending the cleaning power between uses! 

Here’s the best part… You can sleep easy knowing that your decision to use Bio-Pure will have a positive impact on the environment, preserving its beauty for future generations to enjoy! 

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