Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace a wet vac with a dry vac?

Yes in most cases. Depends on current size of plumbing.

How much does Sierra Dental Dry Vacuum Systems weigh?

Delivered in two pieces, tank is 37#, vacuum pump is 87 lbs. In most cases, doctors or technicians can maneuver system into small places themselves.

Is Sierra Dental Dry Vacuums high maintenance?

Extremely low maintenance. Monitor or replace intake filter when dirty. Virtually no maintenance.

How economical are Sierra Dental Dry Vacuums?

Less than 7 amps required and no water or oil, plus inexpensive to buy equals all around savings for doctor.

How is your customer support/technical department?

Family owned, our motto is: We support those who support us!! We are available 24/7 to assist.

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