Capacity:12 Gallons 


Weight: 43 lbs. 

Material: PVC, stainless steel base 

Warranty: 5 Years 

Proudly made in the USA! 

Compatible with most dry vacuums

100% mechanical operation 

Automatic draining 

Custom sizes available 

We encourage you to call for compatibility


Vortex Action Separator Tank (VAS-12)

When Sierra Dental Products set out to design a dry vacuum tank, our engineers chose to keep it simple, efficient, and compatible. Our research soon led us to create a versatile, easy to operate, separator tank that relies solely on physics and gravity instead of electronic components. 

The air/water separator tank is your first line of defense against particulates entering your motor and causing irreversible damage to your dry vacuum system. So, our decision to utilize a mechanical approach was a simple one, when you consider the fact that water and electricity make for terrible roommates! 

Simplicity = Reliability… The VAS-12 is “powered” by simple physics and an endless supply of gravity, making this separator tank virtually fail-proof. It doesn’t rely on electricity to operate, which means you’ll be saving money and helping conserve resources for future generations… One more way for you to go GREEN! 

The quality and craftsmanship that goes into every piece of Sierra Dental Products equipment is very evident in the VAS-12 separator tank. Handcrafted from 3/8” thick wall PVC tubing, resistant to acids, alkalis, solvents and many other corrosive materials. You can expect the VAS-12 air/water separator tank to become a permanent piece in your collection, protecting your dry vacuum system for years to come. 

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