WSS 34

Water Security System

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Tru-Vac 3/4” Water Security System (WSS34)

Imagine, for a moment, a pipe decides to bursts in your dental office. The sheer volume of water lost during a pipe burst can be as much as 2 bathtubs per hour, not to mention, you would still have to pay that humongous water bill after everything is said and done! Wouldn’t it be comforting if you didn’t have to worry about losing all your hard-earned equipment to a ruptured pipe, even when you’re away from the office? 

Whether you’re half-way around the world, or just home for the evening… Rest easy knowing that your dental practice has an added measure of security against flooding, thanks to the Tru-Vac water security system! The WSS34 gives you the versatility of being able to shut off the main water supply to your building by simply pressing a button on the controller. Which can be extremely useful in situations like the one mentioned above! This water security system is compatible with our remote control panel (RC-24) allowing for remote operation from any room in your dental office. 

We designed your next water security system to perform under conditions that far exceed anything you would see in todays’ dental offices. From the heavy-duty, in-line solenoid, to the extra protection you get out of the included, 20-micron filter. Sierra Dental Products left no stone unturned when it came to designing such a pivotal, yet often overlooked, piece of utility room equipment. 

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