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Prevent Water Line Breaks From Costing You Thousands with a Water Security System by Sierra Dental Products

Raise a hand if you’ve had a water line break at your dental practice? A lot of us have been there. It always manages to happen at the worst possible time! Sometimes it’s just a small leak and sometimes it can lead to thousands of gallons of water lost and that means money for the practice. Leave a comment if you’ve had this happen before. Did you find the root cause of the leak?   

If this has not happened to you, don’t let it happen…  


Nature can do serious damage at unexpected times and is the one thing you can’t control. Lightning is a serious cause of pipe breakage. A lightning strike can superheat the metal piping and the rapid cooling cause water lines to crack and start to leak. Other possible causes are freezing water lines and earthquakes. Just as the extreme change in temperature from the lightning causes cracking, freezing and thawing can have the same damaging effect. Shifting of tectonic plates in an earthquake can put stress on your building’s foundation and water lines causing cracking. One cause that is easy to prevent is improper installation, so if that is something you’re looking at doing, consider taking the time to do it right. It will save you in time and money.   


Now get this. I feel that this is an important subject to bring up because it involves the dentist, patient, and the dental practice. Water security systems filter your water before it enters your equipment. This means that the water that runs through your lines and equipment is filtered of any debris or harder minerals that can over time clog up your lines, affect pumps, autoclaves, etc.... More importantly, the water that is flushed into the patient’s mouth is clean, filtered water. That, in my opinion, is the standard every dental practice should strive for. A clean, healthy environment that has the utmost respect for the patient’s health and safety.    

2017 WSS34 spec sheet

A simple water security system allows for easy, remote control of your water lines. When you leave for the day, turn off the water going to your lines by flipping a switch. Turning off your water lines is important for maximizing profit and minimizing risk at your practice. If a water line breaks, the closed water line valve will prevent water from continuously leaking until noticed. At the end of the day, it’s a lot easier to turn off your water lines with a remote switch than walking down to the basement (and easier to remember!). This investment is a must for any dental practice owner, as a full-blown water line break overnight can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.    


Of course, if you’re going to run a successful dental practice, having your equipment working and ready for the day is extremely important. Finding a heavy leak that has been flooding your practice for hours is not a great way to start the day. Our water security systems are easy to install onto the main water line and have remote on/off control for a dentist’s convenience. Constructed of lead-free copper & brass, our products are the highest quality of dental equipment and competitively priced. Go the extra mile to turn off your water lines and protect yourself so that you can enjoy the success of your own practice. This is true peace of mind.   


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