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Vacuum Systems

Vacuum systems are among the most important pieces of equipment found in todays’ dental practice and often considered the heart of every dental office. Whether you prefer traditional wet systems, or you’re considering going green with a modern dry system. Sierra has you covered with the TRU-VAC… Ultra-reliable suction, backed by the strongest warranty in the industry!

Air Compressors

Dental air compressors are known as the lungs of a dental office and play a very important role in practicing the art of dentistry. Our EAGLE oil-less dental compressors provide clean dry air to each chair flawlessly, requiring less maintenance than traditional compressors. Now that’s peace of mind you can stand behind!

Water Security Systems

Dental offices can be quite an investment, help protect that investment with a water security system. What is that? It’s an inline water valve that can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the office. When the system is in the OFF position, no new water can enter the practice in the event of a flood/leak, saving you thousands of dollars in repairs/replacement.

Amalgam Separators

We’ve helped doctors everywhere find their solution to amalgam in the waste water! Want to become amalgam compliant and reduce your environmental impact? Click here to find out how we can help you with our simple and easy options. From becoming compliant all the way through the recycling process, Sierra has your back every step of the way!

Low-Voltage Controllers

This easy to use switch panel allows doctors and office staff to operate mechanical room equipment with the push of a button, from any room in the office. Equipped with green LED push-button switches, which illuminate when in the ON position. This lets the user “see” if the equipment is ON or OFF, preventing equipment from overheating due to extended operation.

Line Cleaners

This environmentally friendly, non-corrosive evacuation system cleaner restores and maintains evacuation system flow and function by actively breaking down and digesting organic waste. Eliminate years of sludge build up in as little as 6 weeks and prevent new sludge from sticking around, even in between applications!

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Installation Support

Our trained professionals know our products inside and out, and they can’t wait to speak with you… Give us a call and see for yourself, WE make the DIFFERENCE!

Product Documentation

Everything you could ever want to know about our products, in one convenient location. Read about it, download it, print it, share it… The choice is yours!

Contractor Services

We will discuss all the details with your contractor or engineer prior to purchasing any equipment, so you can ensure that you are selecting the right equipment for your offices’ unique setup.

24/7 Technical Support

Out of this world support, at your fingertips… anytime you need it. Just Call 800-240-5677……. I dare you!

Equipment Repair

We specialize in the repair of Sierra Brand equipment, but we also possess the tools and skills necessary to repair a variety of dental vacuums and compressors, regardless of the manufacturer.

Equipment Parts & Accessories

Sierra offers replacement parts for all Sierra Systems new and old, as well as universal replacement parts for most other equipment manufacturers. If you have a problem, we have your solution!

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What our clients say

My wife is a dentist in Framingham, Ma. I installed the Sierra Dry vacuum myself. Everything worked flawlessly. Never had any problems. Mr. Chuck Bennett always takes the time to help with any questions. There is no reason to pay thousands of dollars for a Dry Vac System to the big dental companies.
Sierra Vacuum is just great.

Fernando Castro Dentist

Excellent tech support hooking up system and 90% savings in water usage.

Thomas Sedlak, PA Dentist

We are very happy with this unit! 2+ years.

Montana City Dental Montana City Dental

Had system 10 years, very happy with the vacuum system and service.

Dr. Joseph Boulter Dentist

Absolutely love the TV-10 & TV-20 Tru Vac Dry Dental Vacuums. Would recommend for every dental office! Easy Installation.

Tom Tarr Tarr's Dental

I recently installed Sierra Dry Vac System in my office and I have nothing but praise for it. Smooth quiet operation that is giving me three times the suction power of my old system. I am truly impressed with the machine, the customer service, the owner Chuck, and the quick delivery. I installed it myself and it was straight forward and simple. Mike Thomas DDS. Arlington Tx.

Mike Thomas DDS

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